List of Aegisub automations not available in Dependency Control

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This page is a list of Aegisub automations not available in DependencyControl, excluding automations shipped with Aegisub itself.


Zeght's but in moonscript by Alendt, with a few tweaks from Zahuczky.
Try to emulate the most used tools of Illustrator.


Aegs template
Utilities to work with the aegs template format


Change Alignment
Changes between Alignments, maintaining current position (where possible).
Change a line to a new style, but keep it looking the same.


Clipping/shape bonanza
Clipping and shape bonanza utilizing Yutils.lua
Anti-Blinker Linking
Flag close lines that aren't linked together and prevent mpv player's auto-linking close lines.
Position Shifter
Shift position or clips by a pixel, rotate clips and loop position of a line between two values.
Delete Empty Lines with Tags
Delete lines that only has tags but no active text
Directional blur
Blur in specific direction using \xshad and \yshad


Karaoke Templater mod (a.k.a. karaOK)
Macro and export filter to apply karaoke effects using the template language. Mods by logarithm.


Edit Tags
Edit tags of current lines
QC Report
Write and generate QC reports in Aegisub
Write karaoke templates for The0x539's templater
Extrapolate Tracking
Extrapolate the tag values where mocha can't reach
Combine Drawings
Combine drawings that have same primary color in a selection


0x539's Templater
A karaoke templater based around the idea of mixins.
Simple Clip to Shape
Convert a clip to a shape, without all the nonsense
Perform "Join (concatenate)" on any adjacent lines with matching start/end timestamps
Derive Track
Attempt to derive motion tracking data from tracked lines
Join pairs
Join pairs of lines with "Join (keep first)" behavior
Join previous
Set previous line's end to selected line's start
Not funi, didn't laugh
Helper script for dealing with idiosyncratic prosub timing
Stable Retime
Set start/end timestamps while preserving kara/transform timing


An ASS typeset utilities library. Shipped with most newer forks of Aegisub on Windows, but not on other operating systems or on official Aegisub versions.