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This is a list of external resources and guides for various topics and techniques.


A Guide to Timing in Aegisub (jadpraet/WhyNot(?))
Absolute basics of timing with the Timing Post-Processor. Also has K-timing and Alpha timing sections. Old.
Basics of Timing in Aegisub (unanimated)
Isn't quite as outdated. Has sections on timing without TPP and general advice.

Karaoke Timing

Zahuczky's K-Timing guide
"0th" part of a larger KFX guide. Goes through the basics, and what to do/what not to do.


Motion tracking

Tracking Motion using Blender (Subarashii no Fansub)
A tutorial on how to do motion tracking for typesetting in Aegisub using Blender. For support for Mocha-like plane tracking, use arch1t3cht's version of below instead of the one linked to in the tutorial.
Modified Export Script for After Effects Transform Data (arch1t3cht)
A modified version of for Blender that supports plane tracking, which can be more accurate for tracking surfaces and allows for easier scale tracking. See the README for usage instructions.


Manuals for All Reanimated Scripts
Manuals for unanimated's Aegisub automations.
list of functions of unanimated's Aegisub scripts
A list of functions for unanimated's Aegisub automations, which can help to answer the question "Is there a script that does X?"

Karaoke Effects (KFX)


Zahuczky's KFX Guide
A work-in-progress guide on the full process of creating karaoke effects.
Jockotan's blog
Explains the basics of KFX and dissects some simple examples.
A Programmer's Guide to Karaoke Templaters (arch1t3cht)
Explains the core concepts common among all three established templaters with examples. Also lists their most important differences and shows how to convert from one templater to another.


Manual for Aegisub's stock templater
Documented as part of Aegisub's documentation.
Manual for KaraOK
Documented in the README of the GitHub repository. Only really documents the changes from the stock templater.
Manual for The0x539's templater
Documented in its GitHub repository. This is a standalone manual, but it still references concepts established by the previous templaters.

Quality checking

Collectr's Curmudgeonly Guide to QC
A guide by Collectr explaining what QC is, the different kinds of QC, and the kinds of errors to look out for.